Solid Pink Studio

How we work

To keep projects smart, nimble and on-track we use tools, milestones and processes to make sure you and your idea reach the final goal.

Whether you're coming from an idea or an existing project, we want your project to succeed and here is how we do it.

You've got in contact with us about a new product. What happens next?

Day One

You + Us + Coffee

Ideation. Our first step. We like to call this briefing and breakdown. We sit down, have a discussion and create the very first version of your idea as a product.

We then break that version down to milestones in our "lets get this done" app.

2 Weeks

Design and concepts

Once we know what we're building we start designing what it will look like.

We use Sketch to design all our concepts and artwork. Sketch allows as to iterate over changes quickly while allowing us to post designs into the cloud so you can collaborate with us.

2 Weeks & 5 minutes

Another Coffee ...or two

1-2+ Months

Development, iteration & testing

We use our platform to create a brand new application for you. Whether that be mobile, web, a simple API or a combination.

When development starts we run two working instances side-by-side. The first instance is our staging or testing ground. Here is where all the grunt work happens.

We can test, iterate and tweak changes quickly.

The second instance is our live-production instance. This is where we deploy tested and assured releases from our first staging instance.

This means we can deploy releases without risk of production ever needing to go down.

For large scale apps this could take a little longer.

1-2+ Months & 1 hour

2-3 Bugs Arrive

Arge! But it does happen, and it will happen in your project.

Bugs take priority, bugs aren't just tracked, they are killed. This usually happens in the testing and development cycle and often caught quickly.

We'll make sure that your product launches bug free.

3+ Months

Product in stores & live

Done. Your idea is in the stores, or live on the web or both.

We use collaborative tools, for design and development as well as bug tracking killing and project management.

You'll be involved so that the product at the end matches the idea you've been dreaming about.

20th May, 2019

Your Day One

Lets begin your journey.